The sick child

Q: How do you know a child is sick?
A: The child will show symptoms that diverges from its healthy state. That means, to recognize any sickness and abnormal signs, true knowledge of the normal condition and personality of the child is needed.

The same concept holds for man spiritually. What is normal, what is abnormal, what is wrong, what is right…. in short, a proper assessment about conditions and trends today is impossible without a true knowledge about the normal condition, capabilities, origin, task, health, and general disposition of the human spirit. Impossible.

What is happening today is simple. Man does not have this answer about the true nature of the human spirit through his traditional institutions, so he is establishing as normal what is actually abnormal since he himself is missing the knowledge of what is normal. His standard of measurement is corrupt and distorted, so he is like a blind person trying to explain colors.

To know what is “wrong” and “right”, is a knowledge of the true nature of things not a prerequisite? If my son is gregarious and convivial, but I wake up and see him lethargic and glum…I only know something is wrong because I know what his normal condition is, what his true personality is! Consequently, there is no basis for the proper assessment of anything across all departments of human life today without the true standard of the revealed knowledge of Creation.

If you go to medical school, you will notice they spend time plenty time teaching the students about the functions of a normal human body. Why? Because sicknesses can only be diagnosed as a divergence from this normalcy. Did you catch that? I repeat: sickness is ONLY a divergence from the NORMAL.

That is why anyone who is serious today, and who wishes to remain anchored, will put ALL his energy into one thing:

The comprehensive Truth about the knowledge of Creation. Why? Without this knowledge, it is impossible to properly assess matters today.


~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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