Vulnerability is a measure of closeness. For a test, ask yourself the simple question: “with whom am I willing to be most vulnerable?” And there you will discover who you are inwardly closest to.

When we are most vulnerable, we are most genuine.
When we are most genuine, we are most honest.
When we are most honest, we are most transparent.
And when we are most transparent, we are most “ourselves”.

…That is the real us.

Vulnerability is where our weakest points and strongest potentials are. It is where tremendous growth happens, and thus where our greatest capacity to love is. Hence, who we are willing to be most vulnerable around, without mincing words, without pretension, without masks, without disguises…tells us who we feel closest to and thus who we have the greatest affection for.

If you cannot feel vulnerable around a person, but only mechanical, guarded, cautious, or extremely measured, then although you might care for them…you are not as close you think. There is an inner distance that separates you from complete resonance. And that separation is the absence of true vulnerability, of true genuineness, of true honesty, of true transparency, and thus the real person.

The treasures of real connection and genuine friendship can often be found in vulnerability.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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