In life there is always a way, for every difficulty there is always a solution. The only variable is how clear, focused and determined we are. How committed are we to invest the energy needed to find it and tread the path. Naysayers only reveal their own limitation of vision, whose counterpart is the doubt in our own heart. Doubt is darkness and gloom, but clarity is light that brings confidence and dispels this darkness. So what is decisive for us to be steadfast and victorious is clarity. Clarity is everything. Clarity provides a focused direction to confidently exert concentrated energy toward a goal! When clarity arises, the victory of a solution is near.

But we must work for clarity, it does not come of itself. Clarity can only be found in light, and light can only be found upwards. The more we attune ourselves upward in any situation, the closer we are to clarity. Everyone perceives this, that is why even in the earthly sense when you ask a person a question they do not readily have the answer for, they instinctively look upward when they are thinking!

…Intuitively seeking the source of clarity that lies upward in the Light!

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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