The call of the vision

The vision that calls us to service and reverberates in our innermost being, might initially awaken a feeling of inadequacy because it’s fulfillment invariably requires us to personally transform and reach a state higher than our present one. Thus, the perception of the great distance between what we are and what we must become to actualize this vision is the reason for this feeling.

Yet when we remember each vision never comes alone, but to achieve itself it is always accompanied by great helps, a plethora of resources, and a team of other human beings, all of which can be activated and gradually attracted into our life when we boldly move toward its realization… then an inner confidence bids us to press forward, undaunted by the face of challenges, but emboldened by the great promise.

The difficulty of the journey is always equivalent to the degree of transformation required of us. Always. The greater the pressure and heat, the more luminous will the shine of the jewel be once it emerges from the crucible.

Everything worthwhile to achieve, especially a vision containing furthering values for the benefit and progress of our environment, will always cost us something. It must. But this cost is only our investment in the necessary resistances that gives us strength and helps us become what we must to achieve the goal.

“Oneness of focus, singularity of purpose!”

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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