Natural Law and Human Law

What we call “Natural Law” or “Laws of Nature” are the eternally unchangeable qualities and characteristics of Universal elements, as well as the immutable processes that result through their complementary union and working. The designation “Law” in connection with “Nature” denotes inalterability, and thus the impossibility of subverting or even improving. Hence, the term “Natural Law” bears primordial authority.

As human beings, we live in the Universe and thus live within and through the inviolable Laws of Nature. We see the perfect order of the Universe that is regulated by the Natural Laws and, in an attempt to reflect some order for ourselves, create systems of regulating social and communal interactions and activities which we call “laws”.

But is it correct to call what human beings form to govern social order “laws”?

Perhaps we should ask: are the “laws” that human beings form immutable and perfect in their origin and operation? Do they bear the quality of permanence and unalterable eternal justice and goodness that is incapable of improvement as is the case in Nature? To both of these we must answer “no”. Human “laws” are ever evolving and is at best an attempt to reflect the Natural Laws, and at worse a veil to enforce selfish personal or group interests. What is law today is changed tomorrow, what is considered right today is wrong tomorrow. There is no permanence, just constant change.

Since human “laws” are devoid of primordial authority and perfect eternal unchangeability like the concept of “Law” in “Natural Law”, it is more conceptually correct to classify human governmental activity as “policy” or “legislation”. With us, it is only a “law” until someone changes it, but with Nature it is eternally unchangeable.

For this reason he who seeks Universal Truth and clarity must not seek it in human activity and government policy, but seek it in the Natural Laws. After decades of seeking and study what you find can be changed overnight, leaving you with nothing. While with the Natural Laws whatever you find becomes an eternal heritage of the human spirit.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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