It is never too late

It is never too late to make a change.

Whatever our circumstances or the challenge, it is never too late.

We are limited only by the doubts and fears we entertain, yet in reality the future has unlimited scope. Certainly we must be prudent about decisions and mindful of our practical responsibilities, but we must never permit these to narrow what is possible. Within the spirit slumbers untapped abilities that, during the course of mundane life, ache for expression. In quiet nights when we observe the course of our life and listen carefully to this aching of soul, we hear the clarion call to actualize the potential of the spirit. To not be satisfied with the mundane, to not be trapped in a life with which you cannot reconcile your intuition. And to begin taking action, however small and careful, toward goals that will activate these untapped abilities.

We were not created to be small and avoid discomfort, but to challenge ourselves to reach for higher goals and unfold to higher levels. No matter how comfortable the ground of mundanity is, the awakening eagle who slowly recognizes the potential of his wings will aim to soar. He cannot be conscious of his wings and forsake their aerial destiny only because the chickens he happens to associate are comfortable on the ground. No matter the difficulties associated with this endeavor, he will forge ahead and take to the skies, trusting in the help and guidance of the Creator along the way. He is hopeful and knows it is never too late to fly.

We should never stop dreaming, envisioning, learning, seeking, striving, purifying, and goal setting. Every new achievement must be countered by a new and higher goal, so we always go higher. Onward and upward in constant transformation and improvement. There is always a bigger horizon to discover, a greater level to reach through the abilities of the spirit.

Why be content instead of stretching ourselves to discover the newer limits of our inner capacity?

It is never too late to make a change when we dare to unite vision and action.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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