The path of the visionary

The life of the visionary is valorized by many, without most really understanding how lonely and difficult the path is that such persons must tread. How much diligent and silent work without external recognition or understanding must occur behind the scenes. How many tears must be shed, sorrows that must cut the heart, but also small joys.

Part of the difficulty is that when you are opening a new path for society in any form, especially one that leads to high values, you will almost always reap resistance and lack of understanding, for there is no precedence to rely. Since the vision was given to you, no one else can see it. So, the vision cannot receive the reinforcement, understanding, and encouragement it needs to be fully realized from the outside, because the exertion of your soul and the diligence of your hands alone must animate and manifest it. 

Just as an uncultivated trail is naturally overgrown where no human feet have walked, and which requires energetic clearing for the promise of its untapped beauty and potential to become manifest for others to enjoy…. so is the path of a vision and high goal that is inwardly received by the visionary. As you work to realize it, since others will understand and benefit only when the vision is realized or close to realization, it can feel lonely and taxing. In your moments of doubts and struggle you must draw from the well within and press forward, knowing you must overcome the resistances to fulfill the inner call. Your inner peace and happiness depend on it. The progress and benefit of society depend on it.

When you have gone through or are going through this process, you look at life and historical figures differently. While people look at outward successes and glory, you measure the sacrifice, the personal cost, the tremendous struggle, the unwavering assiduity that must have been required to achieve such a feat. Instead of losing yourself to glory-driven goals that are great for movies and imagination but not the crucible of real life, before undertaking any goal you ask yourself: “Am I prepared to commit the effort, energy, and time that is required to realize this goal?” “And am I alone prepared to bear full responsibility for the outcome?”

It is only when we have become so earnest in our resolve and clear about the personal costs any goal requires that we are prepared for the struggle. But when we reach this point, we work quietly without anyone knowing, and allow the results to speak for itself. No announcement is required. This silent energetic working is a quality of a true visionary for, just like in Nature, the planted and watered seed nurtured in the quiet cool soil will germinate above ground and speak for itself.

For the visionary, the vision is the seed planted in the soil of the soul that is watered in focused silence. For the visionary then, his mantra becomes…

“Oneness of focus, singularity of purpose!”

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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