The journey to true knowledge

When you are facing difficult life decisions, what makes it challenging is the inability to see the final outcome of each decision you are weighing. Pondering only produces endless possibilities that increases anxiety and confusion, because even when you construct models in your head, the probability of something else happening other than what you thought … Continue reading The journey to true knowledge

Natural Law and Human Law

What we call “Natural Law” or “Laws of Nature” are the eternally unchangeable qualities and characteristics of Universal elements, as well as the immutable processes that result through their complementary union and working. The designation “Law” in connection with “Nature” denotes inalterability, and thus the impossibility of subverting or even improving. Hence, the term “Natural … Continue reading Natural Law and Human Law


In the Universe, it is the same fundamental laws that govern every process. Once we understand its uniformity, we easily recognize it in every manifestation of the human experience. For example, consider the close relationship between human behavior and the periodic table of elements, thus spirituality and science. Everything in our physical world is comprised … Continue reading UNIVERSAL LAW IN SCIENCES AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR