What is most decisive for the eventual victory when we stand at the difficult crossroad of any major life decision, is clarity.

Clarity is intuitive light that provides a definite direction to focus our energy. Clarity begets confidence, and confidence bears an implicit trust in the ultimate good of the said direction and the universal guidance that will help us realize that goal.

Such implicit trust is a branch of “faith”, for the etymology of the word faith is the Latin “fidem” that means trust. Thus, it comes full circle. Trust is the inner confidence in the consistency, reliability, and predictability of the operation of Universal principles.

When we plant a seed and trust it will germinate if we fulfill the basic conditions of Nature, we are saying we have an inner confidence in the reliability, consistency, and predictability of the operation of the Natural Laws. In our experiences, such trust comes from an “inner knowing” that arises from intuitive clarity.

When we have clarity, we are confident in the certainty of an outcome and we trust that the mechanism of the universe (seen and unseen) will realize the said goal when we do our part through consistent diligent action with a focused volition for the good.

Clarity strength and victory. Clarity is light. That is why the first and greatest help we always need is clarity. In clarity we find truth, and in truth we are set free and achieve victory.

And that is how, in response to personal and universal distress, we can understand the great words:

“And the Light shineth in darkness…”

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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