About Me

DSC05828Originally born in Nigeria, I spent most of my formative years in Michigan, after which I attended University in Missouri and eventually completed my degree program in Ohio. My initial preferred form of expression was poetry, but with the deepening insights garnered through increasing experiences during the process of my experiments with Truth, a more expanded form that permitted greater elaboration became necessary. Thus, the evolution to essays was a natural progression born of necessity. Many things could be said to better assist the readers in familiarizing themselves with me, the author. However, within all my works is a sincere desire to see the Light of Truth, to recognize and truly experience the Perfect Will of God, and thus to fully integrate my daily life with It. In this unfolding, there naturally arises the gratitude born from perceiving and thus experiencing a small part of that Great Love of God; the Love that surrounds and grants us a conscious existence, wherein we are proffered the possibility to experience bliss unceasingly. To realize this promise of bliss that lies in the Divine Will, to live in eternal gratefulness for it, and thus to recognize and honor the Almighty through my being… is my sole endeavor in life, and thus the motive within all my works. I invite you on this journey, and hope my insights will be a blessing to you.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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