The Purpose of Foundation for Ascent

The purpose of this website is to share insights derived from my personal experiences with the sole aim of attaining inner freedom, which allows for the deeper veneration of God. In the application of Truth, each experience, each insight, and each realization becomes solid building blocks for spiritual ascent. The reader is advised to weigh and examine everything carefully, and is encouraged to use the insights in the following works alone as an impetus to acquire his own. In this way, he employs his inner faculties in a lively manner that is essential for the possibility of his individual inner ascent and freedom. Hence this website aims to be a helping light that prepares the path for the perception and experiencing of the Will of God in all things.

The writings stem from personal insights derived from my application of the concepts of the great work, In the Light of Truth: The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin. The concepts in The Grail Message forms the central basis for how I strive to interpret and experience life, and is thus the Anchor toward which my writings point all readers who feel inspired by my insights.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah