What is the mind?

Computers are comprised of hardware and software. Hardware is the wiring, physical components, and frame of the computer. But software is the finer program used to operate the hardware. Electricity interacts with the hardware and specific codes to produce the software.

The brain and mind are similar. The brain is the hardware, but the mind is the finer programming derived from the brain. It is the software we use to process and interact with the world through formed conceptual codes that becomes an interactive set of beliefs. But the electricity represents the energy from the soul that powers the body and enables the brain to flash the finer programming of the mind.

If you observe two computers and see different applications being browsed, opening and closing; you would conclude two different people are using the computer, for computers only process commands. Thus, for two brains to produce two different thoughts and feelings in response to the same event, there must be something else operating the brain, just like in the case of the computer. And that “something else” is the human soul.

Just like a computer “dies” when it loses energy, so also when the body loses energy from the soul do we say a person “dies”.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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