A thought just struck me

Food for thought: “A thought just struck me”.

To strike is to impact from without. A thought “striking” us means it entered our mind from somewhere, and only thereafter was recognized. But before it “struck” us, it must have existed somewhere.

Before rain strikes us, it exists in clouds and travels through the air. When we feel it, we trace it to clouds as the precipitation-station. Likewise, before a thought “strikes” us, it exists somewhere and travels through the ether. Thus, when we feel it, we must trace it to a metaphysical thought precipitation-station.

We can neither see the thought that “struck” us with our eyes, the “ether” along which it travelled, nor the precipitation-station where it issued. Yet they all exist. Through our way of thinking we make room in our minds to attract similar thoughts from like power-stations. Thus, if we examine ourselves aright, we will see that the invisible world is alive, and through the reciprocal exchange of thoughts, has a much livelier connection with us than even outward things.

There are thoughts we form, and then those we attract from like power-stations to fertilize our thoughts. Like flowers attract bees to pollinate it, so are we pollinated with the idea that “strikes us”.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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