What is the mind?

There is the person, the computer, and the operating system. A person uses the computer to interact with the operating system. Through internet connection, the latter gives the person access to a world wide web of downloadable information. Similarly, the human soul uses the brain to interact with the material world through the mind. The mind, being the software of the brain, is able through the inner-net connection of the soul to access the metaphysical world of thoughts from its wider environment. Therefore, the software in relation to the person is the mind in relation to the soul.

Just like electricity powers the computer and the person determines how the computer is used, so is the mind powered by the radiation of the human soul whose volition determines what happens in the mind. For this reason, mindfulness is not the effort of the mind to become aware of itself, but an effort to momentarily release ourselves from the association with a mental state, in order again to perceive ourselves as spiritual beings whose inner stirrings produce the feelings, thoughts, and experiences of our lives. Returning to this center, we are then able to “see” with new eyes and thereby react differently to the moment.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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