What causes “gut feelings”?

The human soul animates the body and is connected with it through the solar plexus, which is in the pit of the stomach. In Eastern philosophy it is the 3rd chakra with a yellow hue. Just like the Sun with its yellow hue is the power that sustains physical life, so is the solar plexus the gate through which the energy of the soul enters and animates the physical body. Being in the stomach region, the solar plexus is connected to the digestive system and heart through a network of radiating nerves. Consequently, any intuitive sensings and volition of the soul will enter the body through the solar plexus and react on the digestive system, causing feelings in the body that correspond to the type of soul energy. Hence, “gut feelings”.

This helps explain many things; why guilt is felt in the gut, why anxiety causes the urge to urinate, etc. In the latter case, the erratic soul-energy causes pressure in the digestive system that responds by trying to ease it through a release of fluid through the urinary system. Furthermore, we can deduce how problems in the soul can sometimes physically manifest as digestive ailments.

Hence, it is not the body that feels, but the soul that feels through the body.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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