Father’s Day

What is the meaning of Father’s Day? In Germany Father’s Day occurs on and is derived from Ascension day (“Christi Himmelfahrt”). The latter, being the 40th day of Easter and occurring 39 days after Easter Sunday, is a Christian holiday (etymology of the word is “holy day”) that commemorates the ascension of Jesus back to the Father over two thousand years ago on the holy day of Pentecost!

From this we find the meaning of Father’s Day and also the task of all earthly fatherhood. And that is to provide the structure and living example that encourages children to live earthly lives according to the Will of God, thereby enabling them to ascend upward towards the Father’s Eternal Kingdom. Hence, “Father’s Day”.

May every father who seeks to fulfill this lofty task find the strength through his diligent volition to serve the Living Word in deed.

It is in this light I wish every father a happy Father’s Day.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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