Truth beyond words

Truth can never be experienced with words, like looking at a picture of an idyllic Island can never give you the real experience of it. Truth is not the words, like the picture is not the actual Island. Therefore, you can never really give Truth with words because each person has to personally experience it himself. Like the observer and the picture, he must first visit and personally experience the Island before it can come alive for him, and thus be imprinted on his soul as something real.

Ergo, what affects others is not really the words we use, but what is perceived to stir in the soul of the speaker and vibrate in their words. This stirring is where the real imprinted experience is, the vibration of which either calls the word to life, emits dullness, or rings hollow.

So he who wishes to find Truth and is content with believing words, is like the person who assumes that admiring and believing in directions is the same as experiencing the destination. To really find Truth, each person must inwardly seek It for himself, he must pursue the real experiencing of It, so it comes to life and becomes real to him.

Ergo, to know something, we must experience it. And it is only the words spoken that carry the vibration of our real experiences that have living power.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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