Q & A: Sometimes believing in God is really hard for me

Question: Please help me, sometimes believing in God is really hard for me

Not just when something bad happens. But sometimes, I guess I just think about how cruel and realistic and unfair the world is, and it makes it hard to believe that God exists. I personally believe he does, but I feel like my brain just keeps doubting it and stuff. I want to have more faith. I don’t want to have so much doubt. My BFF, who introduced me to Christianity, was born and raised in a Christian family, and of course, he seems to have not even a shred of doubt in God, and I wish I was the same. So what can I do to build trust and faith in God’s existence?

My response: 

Examine your heart more carefully, and you will recognize the true source of your doubt is not so much the existence of God, but your inability to clearly understand the process of how Divine Justice operates fairly in life. Thus, the doubt is just a result of the gaps in your knowledge becoming ever more apparent through daily experiences. So the central issue here is not doubting the existence of God, but doubting your understanding of God and how He works. Since the Almighty is always the same and forever will be, and will continue to exist for all eternity whether or not you choose to believe in Him, there is only one true solution:

Seek genuine knowledge that will fill the gaps in your understanding and address all your unanswered questions about life. Knowledge that will provide a comprehensive picture enabling you to see, understand, and experience the perfection of the operation of God’s Will in all things.

Do not silence your burning unanswered questions, but face them and seek real knowledge to quench them.

I wish you well.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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