Reflection for the soul is akin to rest for the body. Through rest, we gather energy the body needs to apply for future activities. Similarly, through reflection (the right type), we are meant to gather lessons from previous experiences we are to apply to the next ones. Reflection is meant to help us find insights for quicker inner advancement. Without it, we will invariably be stuck in the cycles of repeated actions.

From this, we must deduce that general thinking and reflecting are not necessarily synonymous, just like sleeping and resting are related yet different. You can sleep without truly resting, like you can rest without sleeping. Likewise, keen reflection is a type of disciplined thinking, but there is also brooding/pondering that is a dissipation of energy and is classified as “thinking”, but is not the true reflection that focuses on discerning the universal principles operating in life experiences. Reflection, like anything else, must be practiced and developed to bring value.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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