Reducing the volume

Let us examine daily experiences to identify the operating principles.

Imagine you are listening to a favorite song while driving somewhere, when suddenly you make a wrong turn. You are now in unfamiliar territory.

What do we do? Immediately we tense up and straighten our posture! The song momentarily loses its appeal. Then, we do something interesting, we reduce the volume of the music! But what does volume have to do with “seeing directions”? Why we do this?

The eyes and the ears are both connected to the brain through nerves, and the brain is just an instrument the soul uses to express itself and experience its environment. Seeing and hearing is unified. When you hear something you inwardly see pictures, and when you see something you envisage sounds. For the soul, “hearing” and “seeing” is inner perception. Perception is an effect of attunement, i.e. focused concentration of energy. We perceive only what we are attuned to. To see a solution (insight) we have to attune, which requires a concentration of energy and the reduction of distractions.

We reduce the music to eliminate distractions so the energy of the soul can be uninterruptedly attuned. The sharper the focus, the stronger the energy, and the sharper our perception becomes in its capacity to see solutions.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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