In the Universe, it is the same fundamental laws that govern every process. Once we understand its uniformity, we easily recognize it in every manifestation of the human experience. For example, consider the close relationship between human behavior and the periodic table of elements, thus spirituality and science. Everything in our physical world is comprised … Continue reading UNIVERSAL LAW IN SCIENCES AND HUMAN BEHAVIOR

The physics class: thoughts and emotions

As educators, to make school relevant, we need to practically connect every subject to the daily lives of students. I once substituted for a AP Physics class. Physics is a science dealing with energy, force, motion, and matter. I asked, "what are emotions?" After different responses, I explained that the etymology of the word emotions … Continue reading The physics class: thoughts and emotions

Drunkenness & the burning building

The intoxicated person inside a building who, in his extremely incapacitated state, does not even realize the whole building is on fire, will never understand the urgency of his sober neighbor who is hustling to find directions to exit the building. Unless sobriety inspires him, he will likely interpret the vigorous exertion of his neighbor … Continue reading Drunkenness & the burning building