The feeling of guilt

The feeling of guilt that weighs on you and robs you of inner peace is one of the worst burdens to carry around. While you can fool the world through pretense, you cannot deceive yourself because the pressure of your inner conscious speaks clearly.

But what is guilt? And why do we feel it at the pit of the stomach?

The more healthy a diet is, the more efficiently is it processed by our system. As it moves through our body, it enriches the functioning of everything without causing delays or adverse effects. Thus, we feel light. Unhealthy dieting does the opposite. It is processed, but along its course it causes buildups, disturbs the efficiency, and causes adverse effects. Thus, we feel sluggishness and heavier.

The more healthy the inner life of the soul is, the more noble are the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. The good actions arising from good motives causes a feeling of lightness. However, wrong actions arising from dark motives causes a buildup of dark energy at the level of the soul, the same way unhealthy foods cause a buildup in the arteries. Thus, we feel heavier.

The human soul is connected with the body through the solar plexus, located at the pit of the stomach. Thus, an invisible “soul artery” (akin to an umbilical cord) connects the human soul to the physical body at the exact point of the solar plexus. The latter is therefore the entrance gate through which the soul’s energy and volition enters and effects the body, as well as the exit gate through which the impressions and volition of the outer environment stream back and effect the soul.

When we do bad things, the density of our deeds cause an unhealthy buildup of dark energy in this “soul artery” that connects the soul to the body through the solar plexus…the same way unhealthy foods cause a buildup of plaque in the physical arteries. For this reason, we feel a buildup, a heaviness around the solar plexus located at the pit of the stomach.

When we have physical heaviness, we address it through a change in lifestyle that involves dieting and exercise. Similarly, when we feel this soul heaviness, we need to address it through an inner change at the level of the soul, which involves an honest volition and becoming a better person. If we have done wrong to others and we confess it in all honesty and apologize, without any making excuses for our actions, then we will immediately feel lighter. The honest volition will effect guilt the same way the sun effects snow. Around the solar plexus we will feel the buildup relax. Through honesty and forgiveness the soul energy can flow more freely again, so we feel lighter and less constrained.

Over time, through our striving on the path of goodness, we will feel the flowing river of inner contentment on whose calm waters the noble flower of inner peace will float.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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