Behind investments today

Today, the world of stocks and investments has mostly become a shadowland of complexity that hides confusion and greed behind elaborate financial terms. But whenever something is inherently not simple, something is wrong.

The purpose of business is to deliver a product or service that provides value. The outcome of value is the money. Investment is meant to be the collective pooling and focusing of resources to better facilitate the delivery of a product or service that provides value. Value is what serves to further and ennoble existing conditions. Thus, real value must manifest physically.

But the world of investment is different today. The emperor behind the robe of most trading is the avaricious phantom of calculated gambling and valueless money exchange. Money accumulation not as a means but an end. Value no longer directs the money; the money directs the value. The servant and master have reversed roles.

But how do we change this? As with everything, everyone must first look within. And in so doing, ask a simple question:

Is every dollar I invest a conscious participant in the activity of real value creation? When this question is followed by action, then we embark on the road to change whereon we will rediscover the lost simplicity.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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