The law of balance in life

The Law of Equilibrium is the preserver and guarantor of health and order, and upholder of the Universe. We find it in all things big and small; e.g. balance of stars and globes in the pursuit of their respective courses, balance between inhaling and exhaling, food-intake and waste-elimination, etc. Where there is imbalance, affliction and harm develops.

In life, we can use this law as a basis for personal and collective assessment. For example, it dictates that a person’s enthusiasm in criticizing the faults of others must be matched by the effort to recognize their own. To have compassion (not indulgence) for the struggles of others requires we identify a struggle of corresponding intensity in our own heart. Thus, only the person capable of honest self-examination can have real compassion. Everything operates in balance.

Individuals and societies without balance will reap discontent and chaos. A society that takes more from citizens than it fairly gives will reap rebellion. Systems that rewards unevenly where the same effort was given will reap defiance. But also, people who want more than they are prepared to give and sacrifice, will reap indolence and entitlement. Thus, the right way is always a healthy balance between give and take.

~Dr. Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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