Loss as change

A loss of anything can be difficult. When faced, there is initial pain that opens a void we struggle to fill. Loss is change. We call change a loss because something is no longer accessible in the form we are accustomed. Wanting what is no longer possible or resisting what is, leads to suffering. But is anything ever really lost?

In Nature, for example, nothing is ever lost; for energy cannot be created or destroyed (lost), only transformed. When water decomposes, only the form is lost while the basic elements are released, retained by the Universe, then reused to create new or nurture existing life forms. Since the laws of physics holds that “for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction”, then universal equilibrium guarantees for every “loss” (transformation) there will be the creation of a new form.

For us, the question is “how can I see loss as an opportunity to transform?” The difficulties of loss is amplified by the degree of our willingness to embrace it, adapt, then transform.

Loss calls us to adapt to change to see opportunity; once embraced, opportunity is the road that leads to transformation. In the latter, we discover a new form fashioned from the elements of the old, and discover gain that fills the void where there appeared to be loss.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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