Thoughts as eyes

The eyes do not see; they only transmit and absorb light to and from the brain. The brain then organizes the frequencies of light into an image that is then “seen”. But just like a person uses a computer to form software, so does the soul use the workshop of the brain to aggregate frequencies of light into images that is then “seen”.

There are two directions to this process: one is when the brain absorbs frequencies of light from without, and the other is when the soul uses the brain to form images it projects as thoughts from within.

To test this, think of a time you passed someone you knew and “saw them” with your eyes, but did not inwardly recognize them because your thoughts were occupied with something else. This shows just a small effect our inner lives have on the interpretation of outward happenings through our thoughts.

Therefore, we can logically say that thoughts are the eyes the soul uses to see and interpret experiences. When this simple principle is recognized, how we experience our lives will change.

~Ikenna Ezealah

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