It is impossible for a human being to sacrifice

We have become accustomed to using words loosely, without reflecting on what they actually mean. One of these words is the concept of “sacrifice”. No human being, no matter how great the act, can ever truly sacrifice! What do I mean by this?

Someone sharply criticizes you, provoking an inner struggle;
You resist lashing out, and in the process recognize deep insecurities in your heart.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You leave a comfortable career to serve the needs of the underprivileged;
In the process, you acquire the jewel of selfless service and consideration.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You do everything to create a better future for your children;
In so doing, you exhibit unselfish love and purge superficial things from your life.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You put the Place of Worship first, pouring resources and time into its development;
You learn discipline and focus, you experience contentment and joy.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You exert energy to overcome your weaknesses;
Now you are more balanced and content. More upright and good.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You are near financial collapse and your resources are stretched thin;
Now you are more meticulous with money, and learn creative ways to revalue your possessions.
You learn self-discipline and creative enterprise.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You have a child with a disability;
So you change your habits and lifestyle, learning to love deeper “for better or worse”.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You are trapped with a manager who is irritable and easily angered;
You learn self-control, and in his attitude recognize your own faults.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

You recognize the Word of Truth, and devote all your energy to It.
You reorganize your life, change your habits and ways, and do everything possible to obey.
You gain joy and happiness and, in the end, inherit the crown of eternal life.
You gain, so where is the sacrifice?

Throughout the course of our existence, we have never made a sacrifice and never will! Why? As long as there is an eternal value to be gained and a lesson to be learned, there is no question of a sacrifice! It is only maturation and an opportunity for further development. Consequently, no human being can ever sacrifice.

Only when there is nothing to be gained can the concept of “sacrifice” apply. In this regard, the God is Perfect from the beginning. Nothing can be added to Him, nothing can change Him, nothing can “mature” Him, for He is Eternally Unchangeable. Ergo, He Personally gains nothing by helping humanity through His Divine Envoys. All the energy of “gratitude” and “worship” we offer Him was His to begin with! He only loaned it to us and, in our activity of inner expression, we are just returning it to its rightful Owner. And in the process allowed to benefit from it through our continual development.

Consequently, since the inception of Creation and forevermore, God alone sacrifices. The greatest sacrifice being the Great Act: “Let there be Light”.

For any spiritual being, anything he/she encounters is helpful for its own development or continual ennoblement.

Therefore, it is impossible for a human being to ever sacrifice anything. He can only gain and be allowed to participate in the process of returning God’s property (radiation) back to Him.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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