Facing the facts: God is not inside you

During an enriching conversation, a lady shared snippets of a speech that ​someone gave to University students. One point she recalls him mentioning was that when we pray, we are really praying to the “God inside us” in that we basically go within to draw power from ourselves in order to fix our lives.

From her expression, she found his statements profound and tried to validate it by recalling her own experiences. At this point, I decided to share some insights to help clarify the misconceptions.

The misconception of “God inside us” arises from confusing the cause and effect of the inner process. For example, look at our physical bodies. The Sun is outside, not inside, our bodies. The Sun is a ball of fire that emits light. When this light touches our bodies and is absorbed, it heats us up. So the heating we physically experience is the consequence of absorbing light from the Sun. Yet the Sun is not inside us. Spiritually the same holds. God exists outside, separately, and above us spiritually. He is the Source of Power Who emits energy that, during solemn moments of prayer, we inwardly connect to. This absorption fills us with victorious might that empowers us with the capacity to spiritually change our lives through constructively focusing and directing the increased energy. Through this inner experience of expansion from the connection to increased energy, aided by ignorance of the underlying process, the individual then falsely concludes that God is within him–thus mixing cause and effect, whereas God is beyond and outside him, and all inner sensations can be attributed only to a connection with the energy emitted by God that solemn prayer gives him access to.

Consequently, God is not within us spiritually, like the Sun is not within us physically. We only feel the effects of this connection, like the body only experiences the heat that is an effect of absorbing light from the Sun.

The misconception expressed above, when viewed aright, is a variation of the Christian idea of the Holy Spirit being “inside you”. Though the individual saying this might be sincere and carry a good volition, nevertheless it is still a wrong concept far from the Truth. Man is a creature and has a spirit within through which he connects to higher forces, but this capacity for connection does not make him the Creator or mean that the Creator is within him. The body would sooner be able to host the Sun than the spirit is able to host the Holy Spirit, i.e. never. The light from the Sun is not the Sun, like the radiation of God is not God Himself.

The issue today is that anyone can believe the impossible and make grand claims without knowledge of the Structure of Creation and the Universal mechanisms operating therein. Ergo, he can feel confident in the wild theories about prayer and everything else he invents. There can be little to no “fact-checking​” for most because, to truly assess, a standard of measurement is needed to ascertain Truth. Even “faith” and “belief” in this or that religious text is not enough. What mankind needs is a revelation of the whole process of existence, the entire framework of Creation that leaves no gap within which mankind can insert its confused ideas. And this has been provided and given to humanity in the work: “In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin.

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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