Eulogy: A tribute to the departed

Dear friend,

Oh newly departed, I eulogize through the following reflections on our collective journey through the worlds.

We are stars, shooting stars from a distant galaxy that move through the space of time to brighten our light by shining it. To pour forth the abundance of our incandescence on the cosmic firmament of the human experience. In the process, our glimmering rays link up with other stars who become our friends and family, but only for a moment. Together, the united effulgence of many stars enhances our individual radiance so we become a chorus that sparkles a melody of light. This is the sweet exchange of friendship, the endearing warmth of human communion and the lasting legacy of earthly experiences. We drink from the light of others, as others, in turn, imbibe our light. Yet our unique hue adds a new color to this cosmic sky of human experiences. We impact each other, challenge each other, encourage each other, learn from each other, and thus we become teachers to each other in this wonderful school of life.

And just as the comfort from this dance of friendship sets in, then no sooner is change afoot to open a new gate. Obeying the Divine Voice, the hands of fate severs the cord of earthly life, lovingly beckoning us onward to resume our journey. To this end, we pass away; we become an exploding supernova whose death is not an end, but a new beginning, a rebirth as a new star in a new constellation, as a human soul in a new realm. Then we are called as before to exchange and grow with these new stars, the same way we did with those just newly departed, in order to continually expand through ever-widening human connections and blessed experiences directed upward in adoration and gratitude to God. On and on the cycle goes, until we hopefully rise in our maturity to heavenly fields towards which all real human experiences are directed. Birth and death, birth and death, birth and death…in the duality of perpetual experiences until there is no more death, only life eternal.

Dear friend, as you proceed along the course of this personal journey through the Universe and thus toward the cherished objective, I can only pray for the Light of Heaven to guide you toward this luminous goal. A thousand thanks for the many humorous and insightful moments in which you added the light of your star to mine, as a unique thread into the tapestry of my own journey.

Godspeed dear friend, may you resurrect to life!

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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