Kind eyes!

Your kind eyes…

Are like the sweet melody the morning birds twitter,
The warming breath of spring that thaws the icy winter.

Kind eyes
Thou art the loving embrace motherhood gives her young,
The bright light that vivifies my day, oh radiant Sun.

Kind eyes
Shooting Star of wishes carrying the hope of tomorrow,
Dazzling shafts of virtue that vanquishes all clouds of sorrow.

Kind eyes
Delicious colors of rapture, I can taste the rainbow.
I feel your showers of affection…should I wear a raincoat?

Kind eyes
The heart palpitates when I catch your glance,
Rhythm of love, music of joy, may I have this dance?

Kind eyes
The intersection where grace and innocence meet,
The refuge of peace where the afflicted soul retreats.

Kind eyes
Stars in the east that leads to the mountain of truth,
Wherein I discover and drink of the fountain of youth.

Kind eyes
Now I am forever young with joy, giddy with a crush,
Soul ablaze with triumphant enthusiasm, cheeks an eternal blush.

Kind eyes
You have bewitched me, have given my lips a song to sing,
You have given me flight, have bestowed my heart with wings.

Oh kind eyes!
Gentle caress of a handless touch, fairytale book of wonder,
Effervescing spring, refreshing breeze, babbling brook of summer.

Kind eyes…!

~Ikenna Q. Ezealah

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