The Restlessness

You will be amazed at the ubiquity of soul-restlessness today. I speak to many people who, despite the outward trappings of stability, normalcy and success, are struggling with irrepressible bouts of restlessness, discontent, and dissatisfaction. The feeling that something is missing beyond the forms of their daily lives. The feeling of the absence of deeper meaning and a higher objective with its pulsating warmth that gives order and destiny to their existence.

The feeling that, despite even the most vigorous exertion during the day with work and other responsibilities, at night there is still a sense of loss and unfulfillment. The feeling of a vacuum in some secret compartment of the soul that nothing can satisfy, that urges to search and seek… but for what? For those who experience it, this feeling accompanies them throughout their days like a gigantic cloud so that even what ordinarily brings others delight and contentment offers them only a muted half-satisfaction. They try different things, but nothing works. They feel haunted by a desire to find something they do not understand. All they know is this omnipresent restlessness is a force that drives them onward to find. The mundanity of life in its existing forms… the 9-5, the family, the celebrations, the achievements, the friendships, the career etc. does not seem to satisfy it, does not satisfy the vastness and sharpness of this unease, does not seem to be enough. Something feels missing, something that is clamoring to be realized and experienced.

Many are secretly struggling with this apparently unquenchable restlessness, this bottomless search for deeper meaning and fulfillment that nothing today seems to be able to satisfy.

I hear this language, I feel this language, I see this language of the soul within people everywhere I go.

This is truly the plague of our time.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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