A thousand years are as one day

Experiences over the years, especially recently, have helped me see further into the meaning of the following words: “A thousand years are as one day”.

When we are caught in a chain of circumstances, our decisions are based on what we see to be the most effective solution. Hence the nature of our clarity or cloudiness will cause us to make corresponding decisions. What I have personally experienced is how difficult it can sometimes be to see clearly in order to make a clear decision when you are trapped in a web of circumstances of a certain thinking. We might think we are being clear and resolute, but often the basis of our decisions is unsound. Our narrow attitude, limited considerations, and misguided concepts are reinforced by the dominant thoughts in our environment, so in seeking a solution, we sometimes generate hundreds of anxious thoughts in vain. We think and think, we prognosticate and anticipate, we ponder and ponder. And even after all this effort, our decisions bring side-effects of more confusion.

But there is something wonderful I have experienced. When I am tried, and I retreat to a special place just a few hours from where I live, then something interesting happens. The strong infusion of spiritual energy, the calm, the peace of the environment helps me see clearly into any situation, rapidly and instantly. Such that “a thousand years of thinking is compressed into just one day”. From this clarified intuition, I am able to identify the best decisions for circumstances that hitherto seemed elusive. What appears to be obstacles seem like springboards, what appears to be a burden seem like wings. Hope becomes a reality in the moment, not a horizon in the distance.

The issue here is about how rapidly we are inwardly vibrating at the moment we are looking into things. The energy of our environments and society is incredibly slow, no matter how advanced it tries to appear. So when you are seeking solutions, you spiral around in endless intellectual thinking that takes “a thousand years”. But when you inwardly anchor yourself in an atmosphere of a higher frequency that matches your inner aspirations, then the dense intellectual overthinking of a thousand years is spiritually compressed into the period of just “one day”.

But this runs counter to what we do. For when we are overwhelmed, we want to “double down” and “think more” about this and that. This only causes more confusion. Ergo, I have realized the basis for the best decision-making is removing of all intellectual considerations and thoughts, and allowing the intuition of the human spirit to indicate a direction for action. Consequently, what we need is a quiet mind and peace-imbued soul as a prerequisite for any clear decision-making. And this clarity is not so easy to achieve in an environment that is hostile to spiritual development. It is not impossible by any means, for much depends on the earnestness of our volition, nevertheless it requires more strenuous and concentrated effort to create this atmosphere. But how can this seriously be created with the thousandfold distractions we indulge? It is for this reason among many that spaces devoted to the sole upswing and maturation of the human spirit should be protected, preserved and guarded with all one’s might, as they are more valuable than we can ever imagine.

For in them, we can experience just a little of the great reality: “A thousand years are as one day”.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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