Does the Almighty tempt?

If we are honest, we will admit that for modern man it is difficult and almost impossible to honor and respect the Almighty as Perfect and Holy if you interpret His Nature based solely on orthodox biblical interpretations. As blasphemous as these statements appear, let me give you an example of what I mean.

Genesis 22:1-3 (kjv) talks about the Lord randomly deciding to “tempt” Abraham (yes, the word “tempt” was used) by suggesting he go to the mountains and offer his son as a burnt sacrifice. If “thou shalt not kill” comes from the Almighty, why would He then tempt a human to go and kill his own son in cold blood, which contradicts His own Will? To tempt toward an action that is a sin is itself a sin. Furthermore, isn’t the activity of “tempting” a Luciferian characteristic? It is.

Mark 1:1-3 talks about Jesus being led into the desert to prepare for His Mission, fasting forty days and forty nights. Then it mentioned when He was hungry, the “tempter” came to Him. The word “tempter” is used to describe Lucifer, who likes to test and sow confusion, i.e. tempt. Tempting is preceded by an awareness of a pitfall, then urges a person toward this trap to see if he will “succumb” to it. That is a base and nefarious characteristic, yet according to Scripture the Almighty and Lucifer are dragged to the same level through exhibiting the same tendency! How then can man respect the Almighty as Holy?

It is because we see the Almighty as imperfect and even a tempter, through our translations of our religious traditions, that for many centuries we comfortably misinterpreted the Lord’s Prayer to read “Lead us NOT into temptation…”. You see? An error that has Pope Francis seeks to rectify.

Let us go further! In Job it explains how the Almighty and Lucifer suddenly engaged in a conversation that was initiated by the Almighty. And how the Almighty started vaunting Job’s faithfulness, as if to taunt Lucifer that “you can’t get this one, because he belongs to me”. Then they both agree to “test” Job, with the Almighty appearing to put a stamp of approval on the temptations in order to “prove” to Lucifer who Job really loves more.

Tell me, isn’t this reflective of insecurity and a deplorable low self-esteem when someone tries to “prove” something just to “show” another? It is even vanity. It is like two men who compete against each other when they are vying for the heart of a woman. Tell me, how can we comfortably impute these defective human characteristics on the Almighty through our religious cults, then expect humans to see this Almighty as Sublime and Holy? Let us be honest and stop deceiving ourselves. Furthermore, why is it okay for Job’s life to be wrecked and destroyed and be the platform of arbitrary experiments, just so satisfy an ego contest? Does this sound fair or just at all?

We should stop using the term “have faith” to hide the failure of logical reasoning, and as a deceptive cloak to conceal and even justify imperfections. Perfection and Holiness require consistency, fairness, unchangeability, immutability, justice, logic, clearness. Yet these characteristics are contradicted by the images of the Almighty propagated in the interpretation of these stories.

To move forward, we have to be honest. To develop true faith (not the imaginary belief we call faith) man today needs an explanation of the unchangeable and consistent working of the Almighty suited to the present-time, so He can consciously see the fairness and justice inherent in the outworking of His Will. Without this knowledge, without this disclosure that reveals all Truth and does not leave anything to “have faith”, man will doubt the Almighty. He will not know Him, He will struggle to trust Him because he will see the depicted stories of His Nature are filled with inconsistency and arbitrariness.

The Bible is a wonderful work with many truths, but humanity on earth today needs something more. Man needs new revelations of Heavenly Truth in order to trust the Almighty and recognize His True Nature, and thus develop conviction in the clearness, fairness and justice inherent in His Activity. Without this, man will remain in the obscurity of a blind faith and, after a while, begin losing faith.

The first step to any progress is honesty. Ergo, in matters of spirituality, this should not be any different.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

3 thoughts on “Does the Almighty tempt?

    1. Thanks for your comment! The inspiration, like in all things, are my life experiences. I have discovered that we humans often avoid the discomfort of being honest, if this honesty will require seeking something new and thus changing something about ourselves.

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      1. You are welcome and thanks a lot for replying me back Ikenna 😊. Your blog is really awesome and inspiring. You have a great gift within you.Please continue blogging and inspire people around you 😊. And if you can please do visit my blog and let me know about it. It would be really helpful 😊. This is the link to my blog


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