Wasting is an affront to Nature.

Imagine how long it takes for a plant to grow, how gradual are the meticulous chemical processes that enables trees to bear fruit, how prolonged and complex are the development of all animals. Imagine how regulated everything is, how it is subject to the most careful and loving guidance in its development and growth… over days, weeks, months, and even years. Imagine the interplay of seasons and temperatures that make the slow growth of plants and animals possible. Imagine the loving hands, both visible and invisible, that supervise this marvelous working. The activity that enables us to have food, resources, and be clothes. Imagine the constant supply of power and guidance that is takes to sustain all of this.

Now imagine after this prolonged work the inconsiderate human being. Smacking his mouth with no decorum and wasting the food! Misusing it through carelessness, he allows most of it to rot in his refrigerator, or while eating he stuffs his plate and then decides to toss most of it when he “doesn’t want anymore”. Imagine the wretchedness of the human being, who does not even see the love of Nature, the Love of His Creator through what he is permitted to eat! Does not see the sacrifice, the effort, the activity that must come together to make his sustenance possible! So he just wastes and grumbles! He does not recognize eating as an act of worship. The whole time his mind is fixated on superficial thoughts, on himself, on what he is going to do next.

You can then see how wasting is an affront to Nature, an expression of ingratitude and inconsideration. It is maltreatment of the provisions offered by the Hand of the Creator. Our incorrigible attitude when eating is the progenitor of this regretful behavior.

That is also why there is never any justification for the habit of using food to play games, which has become popular in the West. None. We do not have any right to use what Nature produces in a reckless manner. A chicken is born and develops over months, then it lovingly carries an egg for weeks, only for a human being to toss this egg on the wall for pleasure games? For entertainment? What gives us the right to dispose of these provisions as if we create it?

The more you honestly search your heart, the more you realize what needs the greatest change is our fundamental human attitude to life. There can be no progress without this basic change.

We as individual human beings have much to make right. But I believe the more we seek to honor the Creator, the more dignified and respectful becomes our attitude toward all that exists within His Creation.

In view of this, you can now imagine how egregious is our human guilt for the audacity of creating bombs and weapons of destructions. I will refrain from entering that subject here, for that deserves its own essay.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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