The Heat of Truth

Does any rational person argue about heat? No. We feel its influence so distinctly that it forbids any doubt. During a fierce snowstorm when temperatures reach biting levels that eliminates the effectiveness of even the heaviest coats, people who are tormented by the scourges of the frozen climate desperately scamper around in search of heat. When they find this heat, their frigid agony eviscerates all doubt and they cast themselves before the feet of this heat. They offer their hands, their body…everything! There is no room for discussion, for in this condition of anguish, what is false heat and real heat is quickly recognized and separated.

Similarly, the spiritual temperature is rapidly decreasing throughout the entire earth today. Man wears his heavy coat of delusions that momentarily prevents him from pursuing and recognizing Truth. However, the temperature is precipitously decreasing, and will soon reach levels so hazardous that even the thickness of his coach will be rendered ineffectual. The heavy coat of delusions preventing this recognition of Truth today will even become a burden for man because its enormity will weigh him down and render any movement toward the pursuit of this Truth close to impossible. Then he will be an immobile prey, stuck in the same spot…without the possibility of finding heat. The animals of the wild can then claim him.

But for the person willing to consider removing it only after much distress, he will be persecuted by the whipping cold to find the Flame of Truth to warm himself up. Tormented, he will scurry like a sheperdless sheep going hither and thither, throwing himself at every possible solution that LOOKS like heat. But he will ever again recognize it is fake heat, and will be forced to continue his desperate search. The rapidly sinking temperature approaching frostbite levels will compel him to cry out for help, to admit he is far from heat. To gaze in the heavens with quivering lips and gnashing teeth.

Only when he is on his last rope, about to succumb to the cold, and nearing hopelessness will a gate open when he himself opens his heart in humility. Looking ahead, he will see a giant Fire blazing in the form of the Flaming Cross of Truth. Feeling it, he will dare not argue or open his mouth, but submit like an obedient child. In his condition, there will be no discussion about what is real and fake Heat…for he feel it distinctly. Ashamed of himself, he will remain prostrated before the feet of this Surging Flame of Truth for a long time. He will then see a wonder! From all nations, from all places, people will be flocking to find this Flaming Cross of Truth. Driven by their condition and the experiencing of the failure of every false heat. He will see that the Truth only needs to victoriously stand and allow the severity of the march of events to proclaim It!

For this reason, the children of Truth today need not bicker, argue, or debate. Just huddle around the Fire and warm yourself up! Take your place! It is not you who will proclaim Truth, but the weather itself will bear witness to It! Today this is already beginning. The spiritual temperature is decreasing, sinking, dropping. Already the coats of delusions are failing, though man is still in denial. But it is only a matter of time before reality sinks in.

Hence any serious person now should put all his energy into finding and remaining near this Flaming Cross of Truth!

It is high time.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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