He comes like a thief in the night.

Why did Jesus refer to the future coming of the Bridegroom, i.e. the Son of Man (His Divine Brother), as “thief in the night”? Why the reference to “thief” and “night”?

For modesty’s sake, we should not say “Christ said”, but rather “the translation said”. This is more honest, for the original words chosen might have been quite different from “thief” and “night”.

Night! Why night? Our misinterpretation is caused by a superficiality that stems from a wrong self-assessment. When it comes to interpreting the words of Divine Envoys, bear in mind: the harder and more severe we are with ourselves, and the more we refuse to give ourselves the benefit of the doubt by placing ourselves comfortably on one side, the closer we will come to Truth. Always!

Historically, we see in the word “night” a general reference to the Bridegrooms cautious movements. How He will intentionally come when we least expect it to “test” our readiness, how He might hide from view to avoid broader detection, and thus how clandestine He will proceed and operate to gather His flock. This interpretation, though vaguely true in some respects, is far from the reality, is missing thorough self-assessment, and evidences human complacency. It is human laziness that makes things too easy by interpreting the prophecy in this manner.

But what does night mean? Night is a reference to the condition of man’s consciousness! Jesus saw how the human spirit is mired in evil, and propagates the darkness of iniquity. Darkness is an absence of light. The intuitions of man for thousands of years continually forms ethereal darkness around the earth, a canopy of blackness that envelops the Material Universe spiritually. Consequently, the Pure Light of Truth is missing from man through his wayward decadence. Hence, he serves the darkness and opposes the true Will of God. That is why he once murdered Jesus in cold blood, and now ignorantly celebrates it as a propitiatory sacrifice for his redemption. Ergo, around the earth it is spiritual night. Complete darkness through the blackness of the human soul and its proclivity to sin.

Consequently, when the Bridegroom comes and incarnates on earth, He is thus stepping into darkness, into the night of horrors. Being from the Light, He is thus entering the arena of the consciousness of man that is imbued and enveloped by the darkness of sin. So He comes in the “night”, which is a reference to the dark consciousness of the human spirit and thus points to its guilt. For further clarification, we can also apply the words of John to the Bridegroom, “In Him was Life; and the Life was the Light of men. And the Light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended It not.”

Here again we make it easy for ourselves! We interpret this darkness to erroneously mean Lucifer and the host of hell. But this is delusion! For the Light does not come to shine for Lucifer, but comes as salvation for man. So it is man upon whom the Light shineth, and man who is the party that “comprehended it not”. So man is the darkness referred to by John! As the Father has Light and Life within—so will His Envoys. But in contradistinction, man carries darkness and death within through his proclivity for baseness. He carries the same darkness that spiritually forms night around the earth, the same night that is reflective of his consciousness that establishes the conditions the Son of Man will enter into! That is closer to the true meaning of the prophecies! It is an indictment on the condition of we human spirits who always plant thorns on the path of the Light, instead of roses.

What about “thief”? Many are troubled by this word, because of its apparent negative connotation that feels irreconcilable with the purity of a Divine Envoy. Understandably. But again, if we are hard and severe with ourselves, clarity immediately comes! A thief is a person who steals, and to steal is to take the property of another secretly or by force. But again, thief is a reference to the degenerate condition of how the human spirit faces the Bridegroom. If you revisit the parables Jesus taught, especially the wicked vineyard tenants (Matthew 21:33-44), you will recognize the owner and proprietor of everything is the Father. However, man is represented as the stubborn tenant who erroneously considers himself lord and thus rebels against the Master collecting the proceeds of the Land. Since man refuses the Divine Will, and takes from the Almighty without returning obedience and the voluntary compliance of gratitude, the Bridegroom comes to take and return what belongs to God!

Since man rebels, and clings tenaciously to his manmade illusions, the Son of Man (the Bridegroom) has to use force, iron force, to take the sovereignty of man and thus disinherit him! He is the Divine Son who will relentlessly enforce order on earth and demand compliance by every single human spirit. But this compliance is the only path of supreme happiness for the human spirit. However, since man refuses to relinquish his delusion of lordship, the forceful stripping away, the repossessing of rights of lordship, the reclaiming of the power of attorney by the Envoy of God…will appear to man like his “rights” are being stolen. Since man sides with darkness, he will feel what is “his” is being “taken”, and that is how he will see the Divine Envoy. As a “thief” of his human complacency, indolence, and rascality. In reality, it is a stern reinstitution of order that returns the servant to his place! Consequently, the notion of “thief” is an indictment on the dark consciousness of man, his proclivity of rebellion, and thus the necessary force the Son of Man must use to establish order on earth!

In truth, the Son of Man travels in broad daylight and speaks openly through the march of events! He does not tiptoe or disguise Himself, nor does He quietly come, but as King He triumphantly anchors His Flag, at His coming the trumpets of events energetically blast, as He proclaims the Judgement and establishes His Kingdom…in the process of which what is wrong is gradually exterminated. There is no “quietness” in this. It is only man, blinded by darkness and wallowing in night, who is unable to recognize the clear signs of His King. It is only man, with his hears plugged by delusion, who is unable to hear the loud trumpets pronouncing the Judgment! But this is man’s fault, through his wanton refusal to listen and relinquish his manmade delusions. The Bridegroom sits enthroned before him, yet he is convinced He is still yet to come. He still even believes this Bridegroom and Jesus are the same Person!

In all simplicity, therein lies a deeper meaning of the prophecies of the Bridegroom.

But with this Bridegroom also comes help and mercy, but only for those who sincerely wish to pull themselves together and truly obey the Will of their Lord. To those who wish to truly change, there is help and strength, for the Love of God is forever vigilant.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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