And then there was darkness…

The more indolent the human spirit becomes, the more its inner faculties progressively weakens, the more its consciousness begins to fade—leading to a loss of identity that transmogrifies into a nebulous nonidentity, and thus the more difficult (bordering even impossible) it will find interpreting concepts according to its spiritual nature. In such a crisis, it will associate itself and everything according to the limitation of the physical brain, since only this brain and the intellect is what it feels to be definite and alive, for it can perceive nothing else.

Now when it is reading scripture, the human soul will press all concepts meant spiritually into the limitation of the physical brain. This is natural, because the spirit reading this scripture is fading in a nebulous nonidentity, so the only point of reference is the physical brain.

It will read “And God created the heavens and earth”. But in the word “heaven” it will interpret only the physical firmament in our material universe, disregarding spiritual planes, for since its own spirit is basically buried and almost nonexistent, it can only see and perceive concepts according to physical realities.

It will read “be fruitful and multiply”. But in the word “multiply”, it will see only physical procreation, since it is unable to perceive of any spiritual reality in which multiplying exists. This is expected with the increasing loss of spiritual identity that narrows itself to the intellectual brain.

It will read about the “Garden of Eden”, and stubbornly believe this happened on earth. It had to happen on earth in our physical plane, because only the physical body and brain is the point reference, and the starting-point of all life. Enslaved to the physical brain, the degenerating soul can only interpret according to narrow physical concepts.

Owing to this dreadful development, the person in question will find security in clinging rigidly to dogmatic concepts that supports the narrow interpretations. Obstinately refusing to expand their perception because they know that, like a sickly person, their weak spiritual legs would quickly reveal itself in a sudden collapse should they release their clasp on the intellectual crutches they now rely for feeble support.

But when the Host of Heaven now sends a specially prepared Envoy to reveal the whole Truth of the complete interconnections of spiritual existence, the most horrifying thing happens! Since the intellectual explanations of the dogmatic throng are so diametrically opposed to the spiritual Truth, they will no longer be able to perceive Truth in His Words! They will not see Truth in His Words because the spiritual instrument through which this Truth can be perceived is fast asleep, only the material instrument is the point of reference!

Thus, it will be fulfilled that the Bridegroom will come “like a thief in the night!” But hear ye, hear ye! In reality, He comes in broad daylight! It is only the human spirit who is fast asleep and, enveloped in the thick darkness of distorted concepts, creates the conceptual condition of “night” in his own consciousness! Thus the “night” of his own consciousness and dissolving spirituality fashions the eclipse that blocks the perception of the Son’s Light, i.e. of the Bridegroom…of the Son of Man!

So through himself he is sentenced as one of the foolish virgins who lacks oil in his lamp. Being blind, deaf, and dumb spiritually, he does not perceive the Giant Hand of Heaven that, clasping the Mighty Sword of God, is now successively striking the ranks of human spirits in a dividing Judgment…separating the grain from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the quick and the dead. In fulfillment of ancient prophecies! This he cannot see because, beclouded by distorted concepts and lacking oil in his lamp that bestows a sharp spiritual perception, he intellectually relegates these happenings to sometime in the future! Sometime in future…a happening that is already unfolding now in all severity! Hearken ye!

So through himself he is sentenced. Through himself he drifts asleep, soothed by the lullaby of spiritual indolence and intellectual presumption in the rocking-chair of annihilation.

And it is in this self-sentencing that the Iron Gavel of the Comforter now pounds in Judgment!

Wake up, for it is high time!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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