Entering the movie

If you enter a theatre in the middle of a movie, and try to ascribe innocence or guilt based on this isolated scene, you will almost always go wrong. For without knowledge of the beginning of the movie and the development of the plot, your assessment would be grievously flawed…no matter how sincere your intentions.

Every person today who is born is again walking into the theatre of life, in the middle of the movie of their own self-production. If they stubbornly insist on blaming, ascribing full innocence and guilt based on a tiny snippet of a remote scene in the middle of the movie…they will invariably go wrong. 

To understand the movie, we have to understand the Intentions of the Sponsor whose mechanism governs and regulates the process of our own self-produced movie.

This cannot be done by wishful thinking, by presumed kindness, but a conscious and sincere effort to personally know the knowledge of Creation, and thus read the inscriptions of the Book of Life that has now been opened for humanity on earth. Without this, there is only apparent improvement, but no real upbuilding and progress.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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