The contagion of pseudo-seeking

It takes many experiences to realize that most people today when presumably seeking for knowledge, Truth, deep answers and apparent solutions to life’s perplexities, are not genuinely seeking spiritual ascent, but “earthly ascent” under the guise of spiritual ascent. They are seeking only to find a way to make their earthly lives more comfortable, to escape some situational discomfort or pain (from the past, present or future), or to attain some mundane desire they see this knowledge as a gateway to. It manifests in different ways, one could be desirous of a husband, another wife, a third person career success, a fourth esteem by others, a fifth finances, a sixth position, a seventh could be to validate a sense of victimhood from some past event etc. But it is often not genuine, and usually only self-seeking for earthly ascent, for as soon as the desire is achieved or the discomfort mitigated, the enthusiasm quickly cools off and they go their way.

It is like a person who appears fervent about developing a relationship with a person who is also a doctor! Their “seeking” for genuine friendship is only as fervent as they wish some illness to the cured through the person’s knowledge. For no sooner is the malady remedied do they altogether abandon the doctor-friend and sever all ties, or at least diminish communication through other distractions …proving the motivation was not to establish permanent contact for a genuine long-term relationship—which would also bring the benefit of health, but only to get something for themselves and then move on with a comfortable life. That is how we are with the Godhead when it comes to the search for Truth and real Spiritual Knowledge today.

What you are mostly confronted with in the clamoring for “ideas”, “solutions”, “societal development”, “deep answers”, “search for knowledge”, “truth about life” in all their permutations today…is often just the desire for earthly ascent disguised as spiritual ascent. Consequently, since the desire is not genuine, that is why real Truth appears to “veil” Itself today, i.e. is not widely known, and most say things like “we can never know the whole Truth”, or “no one knows the whole Truth”. No, it is not that we can never know the whole Truth, it is only that the seeking is not genuine enough to discover it today! Furthermore, in this statement lies a hidden self-complacency and unmitigated arrogance, for we have given ourselves all universal benefit of the doubt in assuming that if WE have not discovered it, then surely it cannot possibly exist or be available! Imagine that! Also, whenever I say Truth with a capital “T”, it is very important you never conflate this with meaning religion, for religion has some truth with a lowercase “t”, but is not the Truth with uppercase “T”.

The Truth being referenced here can only be recognized when there is genuineness and a humble longing for spiritual ascent, and not insincerity of personal ambition for earthly ascent masked as genuineness. In full disclosure, this is also the yardstick I use to assess myself and thus constantly examine my motives to ensure my intentions are grounded.

So the question is … “What seek ye first, earthly ascent or spiritual ascent?”

And to this, each must answer. And to this answer will we reap accordingly.

So is it written, so is it done.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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