The danger of “good intentions”

Sometimes, the greatest obstacle to making good decisions is the belief that you are making a good decision. Specifically, when we believe we have “good intentions”, we automatically believe the concept and actions we choose to carry out that intention is also correct. But this is a fatal error, because our assumed “noble intentions” alone are not enough to justify and validate the concepts we choose. Through this mistake, when an apparent “good intention” stirs in the heart of a person, we often never think of questioning the concept underlying it, and just seek to implement it enthusiastically…but blindly. Believing that since our intention is apparently good, then the concept must be right.

So much harm is committed through this tendency that is rampant among we humans today. If it “feels” good, then it automatically must be right. If it causes “warm and fuzzies” in the imagination, then it must be justified. But, no matter how noble we present this proclivity, the tendency of always wishing to enforce as right the unquestioned concepts we develop through our assumed “good intentions” is actually a form of spiritual arrogance and presumption. For it is an affront to Truth, because we just automatically stamp as justified any concept that WE conceive from the loom of our mental workshop.

Not without reason does the popular saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. For with the belief in “good intentions” arises the stubbornness and fanaticism in the soul about the rightness and justifications of its actions. And since the soul becomes convinced of its presumed “nobility”, it never comes to the point of opening itself to recognize errors in its reasoning. For, in truth, it does not wish to! We do not wish to, despite the flowery words we often use. And since “opening oneself” is a form of “letting light enter”, we continue rushing in the dark until we fall headlong into a giant abyss in the ground, which we failed to recognize because we were so blinded by our own confidence–nay obstinacy–about the rightness of our chosen path.

It is for this reason that unchecked enthusiasm and overzealousness about what is “good” is one the most dangerous and harmful pitfalls of all real inner growth today. Unquestionably. For this enthusiasm and zeal is on the opposite end of the same spectrum as dogmatic blind faith. Except this blind faith is the unquestioned rigid beliefs that we have formed by virtue of our presumed “good intentions”.

Consequently, relinquishing all benefit of the doubt we give ourselves about the rightness of the concepts we form is truly the first step toward the journey of inner growth today. For, without it, only the abyss awaits, with its smooth road to hell lavishly paved.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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