The child and the father

A child is poor, without delight. Seeing its wretchedness, the father loans the child money to buy some sweets and start a candy stand…with terms of repayment. The child buys sweets and then returns to the father. Extending coinage to the father that is far below the terms of repayment, the child says with an air of pride: “Father, look how special I am. You should give me a reward for even reimbursing you some of your money!”

Pause for a minute, and ask yourself the following question: How should the father respond to the smug and presumptuous attitude of the child?

Before you analyze too much, both you and I are that child. The Father loans us energy to achieve supreme happiness, and when we achieve it here and there, we look upwards and offer “gratitude”. But in our gratitude, there is often an unvoiced expectation, deep down, of receiving a special reward for even “giving” the Almighty something. It is subconscious, even if we feel uplifted and distinguished for recognizing His goodness, there is quietly some measure of self-pride that finds its way into our “humble gratitude”.

But we should be aware that even the “gratitude” we offer, as nice as it is (assuming it is even pure), is only seeking to return to the Almighty the energy that, in the first place, is actually His! The energy He loans us, and only allows us to use for the delight of procuring the sweets of supreme happiness. But it is His currency, His energy that is only returning to its rightful Owner—must be returned to its rightful Owner, so we should never assume that by even seeking to return this energy we somehow deserve something special…like the smug and presumptuous child.

Thus, there is really nothing original, nothing new, and nothing owned that the human spirit can ever give the Almighty. We can only return the energy in an ennobled form that, in the first place, is His and which He only loaned to us…but we do not own nor have any claims to!

The issue here is our underlying attitude toward the Creator even when we feel “uplifted”. Well considered, since He is the Proprietor of the human spirit, the earth, animals, and everything that exists seen and unseen…then it follows we have three main duties required by our existence if we wish to retain employment in the vineyard of the Lord:

  • Listen
  • Obey
  • Return

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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