It is sweet-sounding, but is it true?

Quickly, with the speed and ferocity of lightning, let us bring something to light and put it to rest.

I just watched a video that, in different words, implied the victimhood of people through being born in certain adverse circumstances. The tone was “through no decision, fault, or contribution of your own, you were just dealt an unfair hand”. It was sweet sounding and soothing, but the problem with these concepts are the fatal implications. For to believe this, you must believe a whole host of other subsequent things. Let me provide my response to the video so you get my point in clear words:

“If the belief here is that the individuals are innocent victim of circumstances, and thus they did not bring the circumstances into being or deserve them in any way, it implies the Almighty is responsible for the injustice of placing them in those conditions. Subscribing to the concept of the gentleman, no matter how sweet sounding, means you must believe the Almighty Himself is imperfect. Even if we say “no, it just means life isn’t perfect”, it still sets up a contradiction. For life and the mechanisms therein that govern birth are the Work of the Almighty, so the quality of the work reflects the quality of the person. So even if we just imply the belief of the inherent imperfection of life, we are indirectly admitting our belief that the Almighty Himself is inherently imperfect and unjust.”

“If you follow this line of reasoning, you will realize this must be the only logical conclusion. I mention this not to challenge, but to introduce a different perspective, because we humans are so used to interpreting things in a one-sided way without actually thinking about the implications of what are choosing to believe. If the word sounds sweet and comforting, then it automatically must be true!…without objectively entering into it and considering that we might be perpetuating untruths which contradicts the very concepts we believe we stand for.”

There are countless variations of this concept above that is in vogue today. But the problem is that we say things that sound sweet, repeat it constantly, and it suddenly just stands as inviolable truth in society! With no one devoting a single ounce of energy to study the implications, and whether it casts a shadow on the Perfection of the Almighty. Folks are scared of being antagonized by doubters, so they cower in silence. But we must be courageous to engage these things.

To declare someone is innocent or guilty in this context, it implies a knowledge of what happened to the human soul before birth. Where it was, its condition, when and how it was created, the knowledge of the process of the choosing of parents and circumstances to incarnate etc. Without this complete knowledge, how can we authoritatively declare innocence or guilt? We cannot because we are then operating with incomplete knowledge.

But instead of saying “I don’t know what constitutes innocence or guilt” in all humility…we refuse to seek and just choose the indolent route: ascribe truth to our limited and incomplete outlook. Why? Because it requires no effort and we refuse to be wrong, so we would rather give favor to our human concepts than seek broader truth of life to genuinely understand. If you think about it, that is really presumption and conceit.

Instead of perpetuating misconceptions, we owe it to ourselves to seek Truth and think seriously. If we cannot do this, then we should not declare something to be Truth, but instead should be silent about it.

***It goes without saying that, despite the contributing factors, we must seek to ennoble conditions and correct any apparent inequities. Of course. The issue here is about addressing the concept and the attitude of how we see it.***

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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