About the word of the day: “deciduous”

The Dictionary word of the day “deciduous”, made an impression on me that triggered a panoply of thoughts.

Anytime you see a word, try finding the base word by removing the Latin suffix or affix. Here the suffix is “ous” which means “full of, possessing, characteristic of” (Ex: Covetous is “full of coveting”, tempestuous is “characteristic of a tempest”, and glorious is “possessing glory”). Now we have “decid” left. Immediately we notice this same word in decide. ‘Decid’ comes from the Latin combination dēcīd(ere) that means “to cut off; to fall down”. Cutting is a severance that is a form of release.

But this is not enough. We must enter the concept within release, severance, falling down, and cutting off. I have recognized three concepts inherent in dēcīd(ere). There is 1) a connection to something (because in order for a subsequent severance to occur, there must be a preceding connection to an external or internal force that triggers the change), 2) a separation between things (severance, release, falling away), and 3) a development and change in what has been severed, and the thing it was severed from.

Putting it together through an example: When we “decide”, we are releasing an inner volition to connect with some aspiration (this is #1 mentioned above, for we are obtaining a connection with new energy that causes a subsequent change). Now energy is being “cut away” or “released from us” like autumn leaves leave trees. But through this release to achieve some goal, something must also be released from us in our environment that does not serve this goal. Ergo, relationships, behaviors, attitudes might be “released” and “cut away” because they do not help us achieve the aspiration for which we “released” and “severed” our volition (this is #2 mentioned above).

Lastly, in our decision, it serves as a development and change of what has been severed, and what it was severed from. Consequently, our inner change will put us on a path of change for our development, like the severance will put the people in our former relationships on a path of change for their development (this is #3 mentioned above). Just think of a tree that, by shedding the leaves, can now develop in readiness for winter (change). But also, the leaves that is released can now develop by turning into mulch that changes the consistency of the soil.

If we taught deeper concepts inherent in words to children, it might serve their development by helping to clarify their thinking.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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