The relationship between self-assessment and standards

The danger of the present-day, and a reason for the rapid spiritual deterioration, is twofold:

1) Lack of self-assessment
2) Lack of an unchanging standard

The two are interrelated, for self-assessment requires an unchanging standard by which all deeds are measured and judged. The salient word is “unchanging”. To be genuine, self-assessment requires the desire to comply with the standard, and also the courage of taking the necessary action to do so. Proper self-assessment depends on an unchanging standard, and standards are meant to be the ways objective Truth are implemented as codes of conduct.

Today, conditions are rapidly deteriorating because of a cunning move the intellectuals played. Instead of seeking and complying with the UNchanging standard of the Divine Will, the intellectuals instead established the volatile will of humans—that is now bound to the earth brain—as the standard. Now follow the consequence carefully. By advocating and making standards a variable conjoined to personal opinions, they also discreetly made self-assessment an exercise synonymous with justification! Since standards is no longer fixed, it can be lowered and manipulated to accommodate the changing ideas of man. So, when a person today seeks to assess themselves or any trend in society, since the standard is “relative” and “everyone has their own truth”, they will only seek the confirmation of their opinions that reflect their own personalized and changing standards; the latter that, in and of itself, is born of distorted human concepts. The consequence is that justification replaces self-assessment by combining standards with personal opinions. Do you see?

To avoid detection, and thus to protect these insidious tricks from being exposed for what it really is, the intellectuals give this sinister move the pleasant name of “progress”. What this trend actually reveals is the urgent need of an unchanging set of standards that govern everything; that is above the changing shadows of narrow human opinions. However, unchanging standards means recognition of unchanging Truth, Divine Truth, without which there can be no basis for self-assessment and judgment. For Truth does not change, only the will of humans do. Without the willingness to seek, recognize, and comply with this unchanging Truth, only continual erosion and an eventual collapse will be the outcome.

This Truth is already on earth today.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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