The Prisoners, the Abductor, and the Rescuer

If a person, due to his gullibility and docility, is abducted and chained to iron bars by an Abductor–who then station guards on the outer perimeter, and if the steel rein becomes taut after 25 ft, the person develops the belief that he is bound based solely on the presence of the fetters around his wrists. So he becomes psychologically conditioned into a belief in his captivity.

However, if a Rescuer was to inconspicuously detach the end of the steel rein from the iron bars, disperse the guards on the outer perimeter and replace them with luminous vanguards, and surreptitiously bind the Abductor…but then leave the chains around the wrist of the captive, something spectacular would happen. Though now freed to run, the person would likely believe he is still captive–by virtue of the chains still around his wrist and the aforementioned 25ft limit of the steel rein. This belief might prevent him from attempting an escape, and will suffice to keep him imprisoned. He will thus be retained in captivity based solely on his belief of still being imprisoned, and in his inability to seriously attempt an escape.

By detaching the end of the steel reins from the bars of all prisoners, and monitoring who among them actually makes the attempt to challenge their own psychological conditioning and thus attempt an escape, the Rescuer will be able to keenly assess who wants to remain a prisoner and who wants to be free, who is indolent and who is serious about their own liberation. Based on the movement and struggle of the prisoners, he will know who deserves to remain a prisoner and who is worthy to be free. In this process, unbeknownst to the prisoners, they will pass judgment upon themselves.

The Rescuer is the Bridegroom, the Comforter, the Son of Man. The prisoner is mankind, the chains are distorted concepts, the guards are the Darkness, and the Abductor is none other but Lucifer.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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