The contemporary slave

To prevent slaves from attempting escape, and to keep them in a perpetual state of demeaning servitude, slavemasters skillfully devised a nefarious tactic that we can call “overworking”. By relentlessly taxing them six days of the week, the slavemasters knew most slaves would be too exhausted on the seventh day to attempt runaway. Consequently, most slaves passed their day in a depleted stupor, drifting in and out of consciousness, too weak and incapacitated to exert even a fraction of the energy needed to sustain a prolonged journey.

The tactic today is the same. Spiritual slavemasters today, through education and general work, burden and oppress the mind of human spirits with a lot of useless information. It one-sidedly overworks the brain with a lot of intellectual deadwood, such that the brain perpetually labors under this yoke like an overwrought beast of burden. The slavemasters know most human spirits will be too exhausted, weary, and harrowed during their free-time to even attempt contemplating any serious thoughts and eternal themes about the purpose of existence that could pave the way for their spiritual awakening. Consequently, most human spirits, after work and school related activities, pass their free-time in a superficial stupor, drifting in and out of shallow consciousness and distractions. Just like the slave. Consequently, such an enslaved human spirit, through its own unwillingness, becomes unable to exert even a fraction of the energy needed to awaken a serious thought, and to sustain the effort needed to commence the journey for spiritual liberation.

In times past, the physical slave would say “I am too tired”, “I am too scared to get caught”, “It is too dangerous out there”, “Maybe next week” etc. Basically, he would manufacture excuses to accommodate his indolence that prefers the comfort of slavery to the risk of an escape. No matter how understandable and valid his reasons, they are still excuses. Today, the spiritual slave will use similar lines when the opportunity to deal with eternal themes emerge: “I am too tired”, “That’s too serious”, “That’s too heavy”, “I am just trying to have fun”, “I will think about that when I die” etc. The aforementioned phrases and their variations are all buzzwords of the spiritual slave. Basically, just like the physical slave, the spiritual slave will manufacture excuses through vocabulary gymnastics just to accommodate his indolence that prefers the comfort of his spiritual subjugation; for, in sooth, he really just shuns the sustained exertion needed to undertake the journey for spiritual liberation that begins with an awakening. He relishes the bite of his spiritual fetters, so there is no serious wish to be free. He eschews the possibility of prolonged exertion.

The truth is, no one can ever hold back a really determined human spirit from concerning itself with themes that concerns its eternal existence, and thus its path through Creation! Absolutely nothing can hold it back. It does not “have time”, it MAKES time and even forces everything to accommodate this eternal seeking in its quest to align with Truth. Only the person who is not serious will make excuses.

So, even though times have changed, the tactic is still the same, the slave chains have a new form, and the excuses have multiplied!

Whoever wants to liberate himself will undertake the journey, will unsheathe his sword to do battle with all the evil and indolence lurking within him, and will do whatever it takes to protect the spaces, times, opportunities, friendships, and orientations that grants him the possibility for spiritual insight.

He looks at his chains, gazes at the heavens, and then vows as he commences the struggle….

“No, I MUST be free, I WILL be free, I will BATTLE to be free, at ALL costs!”

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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