The sick citizens and the physicians

A group of citizens in a township took ill. The landowner sent his son, a physician, to diagnose and treat them by giving good medicine that would convalesce them. Howbeit, the citizens failed to listen to the expert counsel of the physician and, taken to anger, even tortured him for suggesting they were not of full vigor. On his deathbed, the physician asked the Landowner to send his brother, the last doctor, with more potent medication; for the dying physician knew the ailment of the masses would be severely worse, almost terminal, by the time the promised physician arrived in the future.

However, owing to the hostility of the citizens, the dying physician warned them this new physician would not seek them out, nor would he call for them. He would quietly enter the town at an undisclosed location and wait for the sick citizens who are alert in spirit and earnest in their longing for true help to find him. The physician gave them instructions on how to identify him, and warned they would all perish if they failed to remain alert in order to identify the promised physician when he surreptitiously arrives in future with the last available medication; for even as a mosquito moves unheard, so will the physician arrive and depart unheard and undetected by most, save the alert few. With great love in his heart, the belabored physician passed away.

Time passed, and the citizens’ sickness grew progressively worse. Grim reaper smiled and approached. When the despair reached its zenith, then the promised physician quietly appeared with the last available medicine. But, as foretold by his murdered brother and directed by their Father–the Landowner, he could not reach out or call to any sick citizen. For they must use the earlier hints to identify him in order to receive the medication that alone will save their life. And so, he calmly sits and waits, hearing the lamentations and groans of the masses who rush headlong toward death. He waits, with the medication in hand…but can only give when the citizen identifies him and entreats humbly for treatment.

He who has ears, let him hear. He who has eyes, let him see.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

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