What is your conceptual framework when watching movies?

What concepts are you using as a filter to assess the images from films? I find that most humans watch films the same way they live their own lives…at the level of superficial emotions, frenetic feelings, and erratic thoughts. The shifting scenes easily whipping up the nerves into a frenzy, influencing feelings, and guiding thoughts. You soon realize every human being needs a conceptual framework to assess and process films; yes…even entertainment. Without it, the person is just blind and going along with pictures. He then pronounces “The movie was good”, or “The movie was bad”. But what exactly was good or bad about it? For most: simply its capacity to stimulate the nerves and excite the thoughts. In that sense, one becomes an idler, a passive receiver who contributes nothing and only wants outside images to impact the inner experiencing. This is the definition of indolence. For it is slothful and lazy.

When watching, what is the concept within the scene? What differing conceptions are the main characters holding? Are the concepts resonant or dissonance with objective Truth? How do the characters use their volition to carry out their concepts? Then how does this action create effects that transforms conditions and create incisive experiences? In the feedback of those experiences, do they shift concepts and consciousness, remain stagnant, or retrogress? Does the beginning flow back into the end? How do all these karmic processes interweave with the decisions other characters make based on their own concepts and volitions? What are the connections? The disconnections? The reconnections? Follow the development, the effects, the changes. How is the inner life of all parties correspondingly altered? Are they moving closer or farther away from the Luminous Truth of objective reality? Exert!

This is active watching. The watching that compels the onlooker to use his powers of intuition to engage the images being hurled at him with ferocity. The images are like missiles, weapons, flowers, or gifts he must dodge, confront, unwrap, reject or accept. In constant inner movement of strict examination! There is no “dull reception” involved. Even in “down time” his antenna is “up”. It then becomes difficult for any deviant concept embellished in “sweet emotion” to escape his notice. He is able to unmask distortion and deception even in the most colorful forms. He then extracts principles and knowledge he can use in his own life! Forsooth, he increasingly struggles to imagine spending time on films from which he does not draw insights for his own life for inner gain. He realizes his own life is a movie, in which he is the direction, producer, actor, and observer all at once. And he knows it is a movie of shifting scenes that, to stay afloat and inwardly thrive, he must relentless engage in the same lively way!

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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