Beauty and the Beast — An interpretation

Fairytale = fairy and tale.
Fairy (etymologically) = fay, -ery
Fay (etymologically) = fate
Fate = universal principle by which the order of things are prescribed.
-ery = suffix denoting an activity
Hence “fairytales” = the stories expressing the activity of universal principles by which the order of things manifest.

Fairytale in question…”Beauty and the Beast”.

*The more a human soul strives for pure spirituality, the more it takes on the princely attributes of spiritual nobility. But man is cursed to be a beast (inwardly) when he one-sidedly pursues earthly desires.
*Woman is the bridge that connects the earth with heavenly virtues.
*Through the light of truth that is meant to shine in woman (when she strives for purity), man receives a connection upwards to undreamt of heights.
*As he opens himself to it and seeks to reciprocate it, the heavenly light flowing through noble woman then transforms him inwardly.
*The connection through virtuous womanhood transforms his bestial intellectual pursuits; ennobling him into a spiritual prince of virtue—a noble upright human being!
*Then the spell of one-sided intellectual pursuits is broken. For through the connection and transformation, the entire Castle (Earth) is imbued with pure light and comes to spiritual life!
*In this awakening, a Kingdom is established in which human man and woman swings in the purified equilibrium of virtuous love…in the Light of Truth.

The story of Beauty and the Beast is not a mere tale, but a description of the objective universal principle of life as stipulated in the order of the Divine Will. Hence it is a “fairytale”, true. But a fairytale in the sense of a “story expressing the activity of universal principles by which the order of things manifest”.

But if honesty obliges us to speak, we must concede this is antipodal to what pertains today. For the way there is infinitely far! Yet, if we open ourselves, we will see the available spiritual help is commensurate to the uncovered distance.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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