Rebirth and Redemption

Virus is to body, as evil is to soul.
Health is to body, as redemption is to soul.

There are medically only two ways a virus can be destroyed. 1) The host (immune system) is strengthened through medicine and armed to eliminate the harmful visitor (virus). 2) The immune system loses strength and diminishes until it becomes weaker than the attacking visitor (virus), whereby the host eventually dies. But when the host (person) dies, the virus also dies.

Now substitute! The evil in the soul of man today is the attacking virus that is maliciously diminishing his consciousness and destroying his spiritual immune system. However, the Word of Truth is the Divine Medicine today that alone will convalesce him to vitality, restore him to full health, to redemption!

We should not be superficial in this matter and deem ourselves indispensable! For either way all evil, like the virus, will eventually perish through the expiration of its natural timeline. For if we reject the Word of Truth and continue choosing our self-will, this evil–like the virus–will become stronger than the soul and eventually diminish it, until the soul itself dies. But once the soul is “erased from the Book of Life”, the evil, like the virus, also ceases to exist in Creation.

So you see, either way there will be redemption and renewal for all human souls and the earth itself. Whether we choose to accept the concept, reject it, or sheepishly close our eyes and ears to it because, in our distorted outlook, it feels “too weird and serious”. Our agreement or disagreement cannot alter objective reality. Hence the only question is whether, at the end of that redemption, man has been erased through death of the soul, or whether he has been renewed through the Word of Truth. Either way…the evil, like the virus, will be eliminated. Is being eliminated.

If you carefully observe the anatomy of a person succumbing to a terminal virus, do you not notice the initially gradual and then suddenly rapid degeneration of the body? The unstoppably approaching ghost of death that signifies an inevitable transition? Now observe yourself within, look around you carefully and scrutinize everything in society today; everything is disintegrating, for the consciousness of the soul is terminal today! Morals, customs, institutions, thinking, governments, countries, families, ideas, concepts…everything! This communicates, like the withering body, that humanity is individually and collectively experiencing the terminal stages of something! The breakdown is unstoppable, the collapse is inevitable, for the specter of death looms over everything and expedites the “end” that is really an inevitable transition; the “passing away” of the old and the birth of the new.

And yet, the Word of Truth radiantly stands at the great crossroads of the present-day! Showing the Way, granting help, and offering the Medicine through which the endangered human spirit can be strengthened enough to renew itself to perfect health, liberate itself from the mire of its own creations, and thus enter into the consciousness of supreme and lasting happiness. The Word of Truth offers comfort and protection from the storm. But know that comfort means “to strengthen”, and to strengthen is to reinforce with light-power. However, to reinforce, we must attune and connect to this Stream of Light with all the longing of the soul. And since only the right concept can give man full access to this flowing Light, it is spiritual conceptual clarity man desperately needs today! The clarity that comprehensively reveals everything, devoid of gaps and mystery, about the working of God’s Will in Creation. A clarity and authoritative knowledge that puts everything in order and reveals the outworking of all the Laws of the Universe that govern the existence of the human spirit, the Laws that have their starting point in God the Father!

And this Word of Truth that grants the human spirit comprehensive conceptual clarity today, is the Great Work: In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message by Abd-ru-shin.

Hence it is Love that, for the last time, shows the Way and offers a path to redemption and restoration to spiritual health. But we alone must recognize It with full hearts and follow It with all the strength of the soul and longing of the spirit! Only through this humble and vigorous exertion do we open ourselves sufficiently for the Light of Truth from above to reach us helpingly and envelop us protectively for inner rebirth, for redemption. For this renewal of spirit, the Word of Truth shows the Way.

~Ikenna Q Ezealah

About Ikenna Q Ezealah

Ikenna Q Ezealah is a writer, author and essayist whose themes embrace human-spiritual development.
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